Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Warm Heart of Africa

After 3 flights and two days of travel, we have finally arrived safely in Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa! We recieved a most hospitable welcome with singing, dancing and praies to God. If you have been to Malawi before, then you know what I am talking about. It was great to see the reaction and the overwhelming joy from the nine people on our trip that are new to Malawi. Shortly after we arrived the delagation from South Sudan arrived and we met up with them at Grace Bandawe. Then we had formal greetings, speeches and refreshment. In a few minutes we will have orientation, followed by dinner and then much needed rest.
It was great to meet the South Sudan delegation of Moses and Cherly (that is the name that they have given us to call them). Unfortunately, the third member the pastor was unable to make the trip as he came down with a sudden illness. But the remaining two prevailed.  In the group from Pittsburgh and South Sudan, we do not have even one pastor, but we trust that God will be working in us and we are anxious to see where he will take us. It was wonderful at the formal greeting as brothers and sisters from Malawi, South Sudan and Pittsburgh shared brief speeches that we are indeed brothers and sisters in Christ. Aside from our cultural differences and different life experiences we are united in Christ.

Tomorrow everyone will be picked up very early to worship at their first church congregation and stay with their first host family. We will be preaching, teaching or sharing messages of the partnership and the love we have as fellow followers in Jesus. Tomorrow afternoon we will all meet together again at Mpemba CCAP for a covenant signing with Carnegie and a historic covenant signing with the tripartite partnership between Pittsburgh Presbytery, Bnlantyre Synod and South Sudan, that was begun in February with pastors Ken White, Dave Carver and Jeff Tindel. Celebrate with us! All Glory to God!

The picture above was from dinner last night at our stay in South Africa. We have a lot in store for us and axious to see it unfold. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Mulungu Akudalitseni (God Bless you) and Zikomo (Thank you)!

God is Good all the Time,
Carl Suppo

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