Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Harvest is Plentiful but the Workers are Few

Greetings from Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa! I know I said I would write, but this is the first opportunity I had with internet connection since we arrived. Please be assured that all your loved ones are doing great and having a wonderful time as they are being stretched and used for service in the name of Jesus Christ.

After our first hosting family and first worship experience, we have spent most of the first week in the Mangochi district of Malawi. We had some wonderful opportunities to do some manual work and work along side our brothers and sisters in Christ. The work wasn't all that hard or long, but all really enjoyed interacting with the church community and singing Chichewa praise songs as we worked. At one place we had a lot of children, so the team really enjoyed interacting with them and yes teaching them the chicken dance song.

In addition to the manual work, we went to four evangelism rallies at different churches in an area that is heavily influenced by the Muslim religion. Our brother Moses from South Sudan was one of the preachers along with Chimwewe (Happy) a Malawian preacher. Both have background in the Muslim religion and were were helpful to reach out to the community there in terms they understand. God's word was preached with love, enthusiasm and passion. The rest of us also offered encouragement and prayer. One of the evangelism rallies was in a village and the audience was children. I couldn't believe the sincerity and the willingness of these children to cry out to Jesus and accept him as Lord and Savior for the first time in their life.  As a crowd of children sought personal prayer our team responded faithfully and prayed over these children.

We enjoyed a nice stay on lake Malawi and also were blessed to take a boat ride on the lake out to Birds Island to see Eagles.  On Saturday, the team was dispersed and picked up by their sister church host families for a 3 day stay and worship at their sister church. Alex and Sarah, who don't have sister churches went to Limbe CCAP and Chigumula CCAP. I was blessed to spend time at Kawiya CCAP and Mackogolo CCAP. As I write this, they should all be arriving back at Grace Bandawe, were I will be headed soon.  This week we will head to Majete Game Reserve, Mulanji Mountain and St. Andrews CCAP. Our trip is winding down. We leave on Saturday at 1:00pm (Malawi time). We have had a great time, but will be glad to get back home to our loved ones.

Ambuye ndi Wabwino! (The Lord is Good)
Carl Suppo

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  1. Looks like great things are happening in, to, and around you. Amen! Travel well!